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    2018 GP1800 Bilge Pump

    Hey first of all let me apologize by making my first post a super newbie question. I just picked up a 18 GP1800, and I remeber reading the 19 has and auto bilge. Was wondering does the 18 model have one? Because I saw an ad for another 18 for sale saying it has it but I can't see it or hear it on mine and I remember my 11 FX Crusier had a bilge and I can hear it kick off right away when rinsing engine area. Thanks for the help

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    My understanding is that the FX did have a factory electric bilge pump.
    GP1800 has never had factory electric bilge pump.

    GP1800 does have a bilge scavenge (sometimes called a bilge siphon) that draws bilge water via the jet pump suction. The plastic inlet is mounted below the driveshaft, right in front of the mid-wall. The scavenge only works when the engine is running, and cannot move large volumes of water in a hurry.

    Pumping water from the hull in a hurry is what an electric bilge pump is for. I have posted details of my own GP1800 bilge pump installation. I used the Whale SS1212. Automatic electronic water detection, independent of whether the engine is running. 1000+ gph flow rating.

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