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    Exclamation 2016 seadoo rxp wont start


    I have mone jetski 2016 seadoo rxp 300 - the jetski has the intercooler clogged with salt, the throttle body was also stuck and the TPS damaged,

    we replaced with new intercooler and throttle body with tps, whn we crank the engine it turns but doesn't start, if we remove the pipe on the throttle body that comes from the intercooler and crank it several times it starts, no errors are displaced on the ecu.

    Any idea, anyone with same problem? thank you


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    Sounds like there must be an issue with air getting through the intercooler
    If you have replaced the intercooler with a new
    You need to check the hoses are also clear
    And the air box

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    Initially we also thought about the air box, so we disconnected the air box, still no change,

    I did a TPS reset using candoo pro and its reading 7% sometimes 8%,
    Disconnected the TAS and cleaned it also swapped with the brake lever to test, still no change

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