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    P1520 code, 2008 RXP

    I have a 2008 rxp. When out on my ski the code p1520 came up.

    On the way back to the boat ramp I noticed reduced speed and rpm, then it shut off. Blue smoke came from under the seat.

    I checked dipstick and oil was at the bottom bend. Went to start it and a terrible clacking sound came from the engine (I assume). Turned if off and got towed back.

    Wondering what damage I have done.
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    Seems like you have an oil leak. Hard to say what damage was done if any, it would all depend how long the motor was ran on low/no oil.

    First thing you have to do is find your oil leak. Typical areas are the PTO driveshaft bearing or your oil cooler.(under your intake manifold).

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    Sounds like you blew her up, check holes in the side of the block.

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