Customer said running to ramp wot, alarm sounded motor shut off , waited 15 mins. started up and ran to ramp not wot , and loaded on trailer.
I've read FAQ , have candoo pro and data connection, just don't have down load in computer , will be getting. I'm trying to retrieve fault codes. Have read put in water get fault, warning light then hold set and mode buttons for 5-10 secs. then hold set, mode again 5-10 secs. Then it should give long or short light or beeps( I understand that) out of water if I jump brn an gr/blk in data plug i get alarm warning lite and F1 lite. I know this dead horse has been beat to death on this forum. So hoping someone can help till I get program for Honda. We don't have program because we only see about 3 a year.
Thanks for any advice.