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Thread: 2012 ultra 300x

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    2012 ultra 300x

    Surging , only after getting warm, after about 6 miles, let cool off, wot 4, about 3 miles then starts surging at all throttle position.
    Any advice? No fault codes!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey N.C. View Post
    Surging , only after getting warm. Any advice? No fault codes!!!
    There are a few things that should be checked before requesting additional advice - as all of these things have been covered over-and-over in redundancy on this Kawasaki Forum. You can search the archives for guys with similar symptoms and how such issues were alleviated.

    So with such being said - I will share with you some of these issues discovered which should enable you to get diagnosing right away.

    1. You can run the ski with the seats off - and even the rear section held on with (4) 10mm cone nuts. This will enable you to see if it is being "choked-out" with exhaust fumes - yet other models are certainly more suseptible to this issue.

    2. With the seats off - maybe even better with the ski strapped to the trailer and in the water a good ways - look for water leaking around the driveshaft bearing holder - and possibly spraying on the Supercharger Belt - which would cause slippage.

    3. Let us know what the Boost Gauge is doing during this time - probably bouncing up and down?

    4. Probably time to conduct the following Maintenance Assignment to the Supercharger Drive Belt Tensioner:

    5. Certainly inspect to see if your Exhaust Filter is still intact and if it's gone - it could be trying to exit out the exhaust hose - plugging the exhaust flow - and possibly allowing exhaust fumes into the hull via a cut hose - which could result in an even more serious issue - namely taking on water and flooding the engine compartment.


    Good Luck !!!

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    Ran 2 nd time yesterday without seat, pulled drain plugs no water.
    Would SC belt tensioner only act up after 5-6 miles ?
    I checked primary & secondary on coils the 2-3 coil primary resistance was all over the place 10-16-8-4-12 ohms 1-4 coil dead on 2.4, let ski cool off, 2-3 coil at 2.9. Ski ran great till it got hot, checked primary on coil again and same thing so ordering a coil and see

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    Oh thanks for info

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    The coil fixed it.for a while
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    Thanks for letting us know what you found!

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