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    Insurance on your water toys.......

    Hello all....thought I would relate a story for everyone out there riding, but without insurance on your ski.....
    I had a 2012 FXCSHO, lightly modded with a stage 1 tune. I paid 8500 bucks for it in August 2016. Back in September, I was on a ride with a local club, and hit a stump at speed with my ski. 74 mph, pitched off, luckily unhurt except for a gigantic bruise on my buttcheek.
    I insured my skis and trailer the previous year with StateFarm. Called em up, no problems whatsoever. Just took a little longer to settle than it does for an auto claim....that's it.
    Insurance is a little more expensive if you ride in saltwater, but it is very well worth it. I upgraded to a 2016 FXCSVHO, and had enough left over to pay for all the mods to it. (Some stuff came off the 2012). all riding without should really think about getting it and protecting yourself, your property, and most importantly, the boating public. I could have gotten hurt, and everything would have to have come out of my pocket. PROTECT YOURSELF! Hope this story does some good for everyone!

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    Great reminder. Any PWC owner w/o insurance is a moron. (Is that too much?)

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    Having a ski declared a total loss is the cheap part. Being sued for liable and wrongful death, you could loose everything you've worked for your whole life. Without insurance, pay alittle now or alot later.

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    IS this even a question? lolololol

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    Don't think it will happen to you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve45 View Post
    Don't think it will happen to you?
    i know a story from back in the day
    a kid lost his life
    hx on shore with lanyard attached
    started first time - so sad

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    I had a ski last season with a bizzare DESS problem, ski dutifully beeped twice the the key was installed, then when the key was pulled off,...well the engine did not stop when the rider fell off and the ski went across the lake and.....

    ran aground

    needless to say a boat shop "summerized" it for this very lucky customer, who admitted to not reupping her liability insurance as she only uses the ski a "couple of times a year"

    told her to sell them and rent in the future, in the end its cheaper.

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