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    here are the pics of the Head Pistons and cylinders hopefully they work

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    Looks like the main issue is something has recently come apart in that front cylinder, possibly a bearing? If the fuel switch was "off" then it's bad. It must pass through that switch to get to the engine. The oil out of the exaust is residual. When excessive amounts of fuel pass through the exhaust it works the goo loose and spits it out.

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    I can I tell what if anything did and does it need to be replaced

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    Seems to me you have several issues going on.

    Biggest issue:
    That front piston/cylinder is damaged. Something came apart and ended up getting tossed around in that cylinder for a bit before probably being spit out the exhaust port. Generally this is pieces of piston skirt, ring lands, piece of piston ring, needle bearing, ball bearing, power valve, etc. The motor needs torn down completely and everything inspected to find what broke apart to get into that cylinder.

    Smaller issues:
    Fuel in crankcase as noted above can only come from a few sources. If found after storage, it is typically needle/seat related. If you find it after a motor loses compression, it can be caused by a cylinder going dead and not firing. All that unburnt gas/oil has to go somewhere. Usually it is found under the same cylinder as the damage... Unless there is misinformation, it sounds like the gas/oil was in the REAR cylinder even though you have damage to the FRONT cylinder. Clarify on that some?

    To really be able to troubleshoot or help figure out what happened we need more info. Some likely impossible at this point to get. But things like: exact compression readings, were the oil lines all still attached to the carbs upon tear down of motor, hours since last carb rebuild, condition of carb guts, condition of power valves, history of last few rides and running characteristics during those rides, etc. It is hard enough trying to third-party troubleshoot and figure out what needs to be replaced over the internet, but without as much info as possible it is near impossible.

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    Ok I will have to take a look and see if I can see anything that came apart, if it is not part of the piston where should I be looking and what if I dont find anything that looks like it came apart.
    as for the gas it was under all cylinders and it appeared to be all gas with very little to no oil mixed in

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    one other thing when I open and close the power valve they do not close the same distance it appears 2 close the same and the last cylinder close more

    Is this normal

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    Have you checked the linkage and plastic couplers between the cylinders? The original ones are made out of plastic and gets worn down. Replace them with a new powervalve / waveeater kit.

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