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    Quick newbie question w/ pictures

    Ya so Iím green to pwc and tried rebuilding a 94 sl 750. Everything seems to be in working order but I cannot for the life of me figure out what the lines do or hookup to. I usually go as long as I can without googling but this one has me stumped. So my question is, what are they lines/jets for? Where do they go. This is how I got the ski and cannot figure it out. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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    You may be looking at the 'bilge siphon' hoses. The small metal tubes in the jet pump exit develop a venturi suction when the jet pump is running in the water.

    Bilge suction hoses go forward from the venturi tubes through the jet pump base into the hull. Inside the hull each hose connects through a 90 degree plastic elbow, then runs down to the lowest area of the hull where each hose ends with a mesh screen filter.

    The elbows must be mounted high in the hull. There is a siphon break breather hole in each elbow. The high mounting of the elbow prevents water backflow into the hull when the hull is floating with engine off.

    Clean the mesh filter ends, and position the inlets so they can suck in any stray water that may accumulate inside the bilge. Zip tie the elbows somewhere high under the rear area of the seat.

    Inspect the hoses, make sure they are clear inside, no gunk or debris clogs. Use hose clamps.

    Tip: There will also be two smaller diameter clear hoses. One is for the speedometer pitot fitting, a tiny pastic nipple directly below the driveshaft area.

    The other will be the vent tube for the battery. Oldschool lead-acid powersports batteries will have a vent nipple on the end of the battery, to which this tube connetcs.

    If you have a modern AGM type battery (I recommend Deka ETX16) then there is no vent nipple. The vent tube can be coiled up and tied out of the way.

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