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    Manual says inspect at 50 hour Kawasaki 310X OEM Part 16104-0012 Filter-comp Muffler

    But does not really say what to look for? its a $134 part so hate to replace it for no reason.

    anyone removed and replaced, does not appear to be a big deal where its located

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    50 hour inspection of Pump seals and bearings on Kawasaki 310x

    at the 50 hour mark on the 2018 Kaw 310 x jetski. Manual says take it to dealer for inspection of the pump.

    Those guys around here charge $100 an hour labor. The inspection of the pump I guess it requires pulling it completely off just to look it over.

    I have pulled pumps off on KAW 250 ultras, and don't see anyway to inspect the 310 X pump unless you remove it off the jetski.

    Any easy way to inspect?

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    It’s called the exhaust filter. Do a search on here and you’ll see unfortunately it is a big deal. At 50 hours you may be able to get away with more time but I just replace mine every 2 years to avoid the thing blowing out and causing issues. It would be silly for me to go through all the work of inspecting it and not just replacing it. I’m sure others have different opinions though.

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    the exhaust filter inspection is done to assure it hasn't yet failed, as when it does, as mentioned, it's a far bigger issue. I haven't seen one around here that has lasted close to 100 hours., I'll kinda insist on replacing it if the inspection is requested at 60+ hours after somebody goes thru their manual after a year or two of riding and start thinking about getting a tech to look over their ski outside of getting an oil change or two.

    customers are balky at the cost as for something they don't understand ( should have seen my expression when I first found out about it). I describe them as being like a catalytic converter and equally as fragile and then I send them to the dealer for a "factory opinion", where they can get realllly balky

    at the estimated costs

    as far as pumps go, catching an impending bearing failure is of enough importance that only the painfully uninformed goes past two seasons without at least pulling the pump to inspect bearing condition AND greasing the driveshaft/impeller condition, often overlook until it's too late. Earlier model kawi pumps often go boom around 100 hours if at all abused

    Given the output of these pumps, the deserve the respect and as horsepower goes up, so does the need to be aware of the condition of these parts

    and no, there isn't an easier way to pull the pump

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    I Think the pump is super easy to pull on the Kawasaki's. I can basically do it second nature now and even have the torque values memorized..

    Quite a few people don't agree with the way I do it as some like to remove the step platform instead of the ride plate.. But with modern tools like a small impact drill I can have the ride plate off in about a minute.. Once it's off you have full access to everything and a few more bolts the whole assembly pulls out. Then the workbench work is easy, even if you have to replace bearings and such..

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    Quote Originally Posted by 250stxrider View Post
    Exhaust Filter its a $134 part so hate to replace it for no reason.
    Everybody's been through this. I inspected mine at 25 hours and it was fine - I then inspected it at 50 hours and it was stuck in the water box. If I would have simply replaced it with new when I had it apart the 1st time - I wouldn't have had to cut the water box open to get it out - plus things could have been MUCH worse - like taking on water and possibly sinking the ski.


    You are indeed correct $135 bucks and you can procure directly here - hence in a small way - supporting this Forum:


    Good Luck !!!
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    On one of my Ultras, the Exhaust Filter is @ 90 hrs. At 100 hrs I will replace it regardless of what it looks like.

    If the Ski is properly cared for (meaning flushed correctly as needed), this part will last 100 hrs. I inspected mine at 50 hrs on this Ski and it looked brand new. JB

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    The filter is dramaticly cheaper than an engine....
    100hrs is easily reached on well maintained skies.
    But when in doubt chuck it out works well too.... it's only a few bucks.

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    Like others mentioned above, flushed & maintain properly no reason you can’t get 100+ hrs on the exhaust filters. Gina’s ski had 174 hrs before I change hers and it was still in good shape then. Of course I had the new one in hand and replaced it once I inspected. Wasn’t about to use it once I inspected the filter, not worth the chance moving forward. Good luck

    Billy D

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    i just replace my this summer. none of it was left and i could not find any of it in the exhaust. I see blocking the exhaust as the only issue am i missing something?

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