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    No Spark - 1995 Polaris SL 750

    1995 Polaris SL 750. The electrical box shorted out. Repairs began with putting in a new after-market stator, and I have had no spark ever since. I have checked the resistance on all the coils. The red/white to green/red coil resistance reads 438 ohms when it should be 490... have been told that's ok. I have now replaced the CDI twice and had them verified to be good. The coils, plug wires, plug caps and plugs are all new. I have verified good solid electrical grounds everywhere. The kill switch tests good. All the connections are clean and tight. Still, no spark. My battery is holding 13 volts sitting and 12.5 volts cranking. I'm now doing all this troubleshooting on an engine stand, so some of the non-critical electrical wires are not attached, such as the MFD, tilt, engine temp, etc.
    Hope someone has conquered this problem. Thanks!

    PS: Could this all be due to a bad voltage regulator?
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    Where did you get the stator?.....

    Aftermarket Stators have been questionable....

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