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What's the cost of a new 300 sc? I'm looking at upgrading from my 06 rxp and rxt but not sure if it would be smarter to looking for a 260 instead since its rebuildable still
The GreenHulk Store offers them discounted off of Sea Doo retail pricing. The GreenHulk Store also offers a conversion kit that comes with all parts needed to convert to a 300 supercharger as well as the PTO modification service.

Replacement Supercharger for Sea Doo 300 HP Skis

Original replacement supercharger for Sea Doo 300 HP Skis. This supercharger will not fit on only 260/255/215/185 HP engines.
420893567 $1,166.99 $1,024.95
12% discount

Sea Doo 300 Supercharger conversion kit for older skis

This kit contains the same supercharger used on the Sea Doo 300 HP skis, along with the Sea Doo 300 double row crank gear, oil pressure jet to feed...
300 SC Kit $1,523.56 $1,370.00
10% discount

PTO modification service to use 300 Supercharger

This is a modification service to enable you to mount a Sea Doo 300 supercharger to your Seadoo 215/255/260 PTO Housing....
PTO Modification $200.00