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    DO not tune until you see knock. Tune it safely but agressive. If you're tuning it til KR and pull timing back the first time you get bad gas you'll toast your motor. I learned this in my grand prix race car. If you're running AV fuel or something guaranteed not coming from a gas pump it's a different story and you can tune til KR then slightly pull back. 100LL is ALWAYS 100LL. All VP fuels are what they say they are. What comes from the pump is a "Well WTF ethanol content is in it this time" sort of deal.

    We dip tested a bunch of pumps around the tampabay area a few years back and found ethanol values as high at 18% or 20% if I remember correctly. Also the garbage floating around in the tanks is ridiculous. A major problem with all racers at first is the need to push for more and more and it's always at the expense of the machine. After 5 or 6 motors we start looking at it and saying "welp, fast enough AND safe"
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