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    Here are the best pics I could get of the cylinder walls. The attachment proved to be useless.

    Cylinder 1

    Cylinder 2

    Cylinder 3

    And when you guys say filter, are you talking about the one in the tank? Or the one that's in the engine bay?

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    No filter in tank, just screen. Rotate engine and take pics when piston is at bottom dead center to take a look at the walls. But what i can see in these pics the cylinders are ok

    Number 3 wash looks alittle pitted, if anything i would be concerned about that cylinder.

    Back in water and run with a load on the pump and see what happens.

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    the DEPSTECH 5MP is a good cam for $40(amazon)..keep in mind that for your specific use, the head MUST fit thru the plug hole

    I'd be hesitant to use any of the the attachments. if they pop off you've got a big problem. the ones that came with mine fit on mostly with good luck, I could certainly snag one on the way out and lose it down the engine..not so risky on a 4 stroke

    the one I bought was just small enough to make it down the plug hole of a 15f...just

    considering what units like this cost a few years ago, I'm gonna miss cheap chinese junk products like this one.

    and harbor fright 10mm sockets too...

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    Yea, I have no complaints about the cam. After I removed the blue film on the 90 degree tip, it worked great lol Looked at all cylinder at BDC and the walls all look good to me. They all look relatively the same. So I'm going to say the pistons are good. I think I'll back it down into the water and give it a shot and see how it runs in the water. I'll check the fuel filter before I do and clean off the screen and maybe get a new filter if needed. I looked at it, and there was some sediment it looked like in the fuel. I'll actually take it apart tomorrow and see what it looks like. Thanks for all the info, I may take a video while it's in the water and post it up here and see what you guys think.

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    I imagine you don't want to read my entire thread. One thing i will say after all I have been through is install a see through piece of fuel line where it enters the fuel pump. That way you can see if air bubbles are in your fuel system. If there are air bubbles then stop running it until you figure out why.

    I am still working on finishing my nightmare but I now believe air in the fuel system was the cause of my seizures.

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    Thanks fellas for the info on the cameras. I have a harbor freight one and its pretty low resolution.

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    I had some problems with mine this summer. Had carbs cleaned new fuel pump, fuel filter it ran fine then surged at half throttle. Problem ended up being the 5 dollar check valve comingbout the fuel tank it was clogged i pulled it out put a straight line valve in 39 cents ran perfect ever since. Of course if it were to tip over upside down water would get in tank but ive never had that happen in 15 years so im content.

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