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    Pro1200 Vs Ultra 150


    I've got an 05 GP1300r {with some minor mods}
    that's officially the wifes and I'm looking for a fast fun second ski, so we can both do a little rec riding
    smalll wave jumping
    and maybe the occassional short circuit race
    I've been reading reading and reading more
    trying too narrow my selection down

    currently looking at a couple of Ultra 150's
    and 2 Polaris Pro1200's for sale...

    I like the GP's power and handling
    recently ridin a Polaris SLX 750 and a Virage, they seem skatier or skip across water more, fun too ride probably flatter front V
    like the more aggressive riding style
    1. can anyone do a Pro1200 Vs Ultra 150 comparision?
    2. speed?
    3. handling?
    4. thoughts & opinions if you had too choose?
    thanks in Advance

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    I've got a 2000 slx and my uncle has a 2000 Ultra 150 and as far as speed go they are very close. He will get me out of the hole but I have a little more than he does on the top. I have riddin his a few times and it is a nice machine but I guess I am just use to the Polaris and that is why I like it more. The Pro 1200 has a different hull than mine so as far as handling I know it will handle better than the ultra. And obviously if I had to choose I would go with the Pro I have been looking for one for three years now with no luck.

    Good Luck.

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    Go with the Pro 1200. Top speed on the Ultra is a little better, but there is no way you will get the Ultra to handle as well as the Pro. Plus, the pro is better for jumping waves.

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    AND............Welcome to the forums!

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    yeah thanks for that

    1 of the Pro1200's is getting a shop warranty re-build at the minute
    it was re-built in January and has failed again
    crank bearing failure
    water corrosion or somethin
    tryin to find out the root cause from owner and the shop
    and guess what 2 different stories make me feel uneasy

    but speaking with a few different Polaris people a certain crank bearing is a common mode failure for these 1200's

    anyone with experience with this and wot was root cause
    did you spec-up anything on re-build
    anything particular done on maintenance with these to prevent re-occurance
    Also got 1 shop telling me too leave oil injection on
    and another saying block-it off...go pre-mix

    apologies for going into tech sect

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dazz67 View Post
    Also got 1 shop telling me too leave oil injection on
    and another saying block-it off...go pre-mix

    apologies for going into tech sect
    Here are my thoughts on oil injection and premix:

    Obviously, Polaris and all the other manufacturers who worked oil injection into their boats engineered the systems properly so that they didn't always face warranty battles due to oil injection system failures during the first year. Clearly if they didn't design a good system, then they would of had a lot of blown engines real quick.

    With that said, here is how I see oil injection and pre mix:

    Oil injection

    you have ten things that could potentially fail. You have three oil lines, six hose clamps (on each end of the the three oil lines) and you have the oil pump.

    Pre Mix

    You have one thing that can potentially fail, and that is your ability to remember to properly mix the oil into your gas tank. I usually just carry plenty of oil in the back of my truck, plus a handy mixing funnel I have, and it just becomes second nature to pre mix when I need to fuel up.

    Oil injection is convenient, but I just hate to have something like that fail and blow the engine.

    I vote pre mix.

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