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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurricane1000 View Post
    I used a Riva Stage 2.

    Riva has a tune just for this retards timing slightly and gives it more fuel.....
    Al you have do do is ask Jesus for the tune.
    I would question the fuel quality you ran that day. I've spoke with Jesus quite a bit about the cam gears and trust that he knows what he's doing when tuning for them. Dean recommends Torco octane boost to be safe. My setup is tuned for 6° advanced on the intake as well, but I've backed my intake cam off to 4° advanced.

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    if it was a fuel quality issue, would the problem been across all four cylinders as to just one cylinder?

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    Looks to be the fairly standard #2-3 cylinder lean/timing issue. It's well known bc of the manifold setup those cylinders get the most air (run leaner). along with pulling some timing in 2&3 heres a picture that works ON MY SETUP. I log afr and individual cylinder egts and this keeps it real close. All for reference, I'm not a tuner or the most knowledgeable but this works for meClick image for larger version. 

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    There is nothing wrong with 6 degree advance setup. I have run both 4 and 6 degree advance on intake on my Stage 3 setup with bigger cams which will have less cylinder pressure then stock cams.

    I run octane boost with this setup. I would recommend you disassemble motor and check for pinched ring lands on the other cylinders and inspect the bearings too. They may have been beat up by knock. Seems to me you had a fueling problem in one cylinder.


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