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    MSX Fuel Tank Strap Installation

    I always scratch my head for awhile when I have to re-connect the fuel tank straps, especially the rear one, on a MSX. With the hull halves bonded together, there is simply no way you can pull the bungy far enough to hook it, let alone keep the strap hook from moving.

    I just had to do this again the other day and scrounging threw my tool box I found a trim "christmas tree pin" remover that worked well:

    I couldn't hold the camera and install the strap at the same time, so there are not actual photos of the tool in use. I first coated the shank of the tool with some grease. Next, I inserted the tool through the opening in the bungy connecting strap. I then place the crow foot end of the tool against the main portion of the tank strap and applied downward pressure to keep it seated on the tank and from moving. With the shank of the tool against the tank strap hook, I leveraged the tool over, stretching the bungy connecting strap over the hook. As the tool began an incline angle, the bungy connecting strap slid down the greased shank of the tool and over the tank strap hook.

    This particular "christmas tree pin Remover" has a square shank, so it easier to keep it against the tank strap hook. This tool is a Gear Wrench #84062.
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    I've got a couple of goto tools to deal with straps, most made from old beat screwdrivers that I cut a notch in with a die grinder a a couple made for 3/8 steel bar with a groove cut that allows me to get some good leverage. I also stretch the dickens out of the strap and lube it up too. I also use some 90 degree needle nose pliers to, depending on which model ski I was working on.

    newbies beware. this is a very easy place to really hurt yourself. Get some good light in there and really think about what you are doing, as this particular operation breaks one of the cardinal rules of wrenching

    You're pushing on a tool..if something goes sideways, what is your hand going to run across? A badly cut zip tie or a bit of exposed nut/bolt can send you to the hospital, on a GOOD day.

    gloves are a MUST and not those wimpy nitrite ones, leather work gloves

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    In my recent exploits with the fuel tank in my 140, I realized both original straps were on the verge of breaking -- identically. Leads me to believe that these straps were poorly molded to begin with.

    I changed mine out for standard 9" black rubber bungees from the local NAPA. I also stretched the crap out of both bungees before installation. I removed the metal S hooks. I folded each in half and looped the folded end around one tank strap peg, and hooked both S hook holes over the peg on the other tank strap. Nice and tight, new rubber, safe and easy install. I did open up the S hook holes with a drill bit for a better fit on the strap pegs, but a little lube might have worked as well.

    Remember, all that rubber is 16+ years old now, and has been exposed to at least some fuel vapors, which does degrade rubber compounds if they are not formulated specifically for fuel exposure. Just replace them. Even though the bungees are not rated for fuel exposure -- they should easily last 5 or more years.

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