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    RXP-X 300 Build Thread

    Been into jet skis my whole life and never made a build thread. Figured I would to document progress, ask questions, etc. I have a background in mostly stand up jet skis and racing. Everything from stock sxr 800's to 1050 mel miller big bores in hydrospace hull. Never modified a sit down too much.

    The ski is a 2016. I got a good deal on a package with a rxpx and rxtx. Already sold the trailer and thinking I will sell the rxtx. Rxpx has 21 hours rxtx has 14 hours. Pretty mint skis. Hoping to hit 80mph in cold water/air temp and consistently run 78 or so.

    Planned modifications..
    - 4" supercharger adapter. I am going to try and just use a 90 deg silicone elbow to a non paper element air filter for a rear air setup. I like that idea better than snaking a kanaflex thru the engine bay to the front. But may end up going that route eventually. Also drilling some air inlet holes by rear grab bar/opening up front vents a bit.
    - Maptuner X and tuning credit. 8350 flash. Going to hold out and find a used maptuner and or credit. If not buy one in the spring.
    - IMUK - from what I read, buy the kit from Riva not cut it out myself.
    - Adding USB port in center storage for charging.

    Not sure on/questions
    - catch can setup. I don't want gas fume smell in the hull all the time. Maybe do a ventless catch can and re route back to intake.
    - Groco strainer. I see a lot of guys were doing this on 260's but not as much 300's?
    - Prop, maybe just send stocker out for "race finish"
    - Dedicated intercooler dump line? Seems like this is worth while with no down sides.
    - Up in Minnesota spring and fall can get to pretty low air/water temps. I am worried injectors will be maxed out or risk running lean in real cold temps with added airflow, intake, and IMUK. Any insight?

    I do not really want to do valves/springs/retainers. From what I read I should be fine at 8300 rpm with stock valvetrain.

    If anyone would like to comment their thoughts/advice/etc I will not be offended all is welcome

    Spencer Sieracki

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    Pics of the package I picked up
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    4” supercharger adapter
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    Quote Originally Posted by spence View Post
    4” supercharger adapter

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    Ha big moves right off the bat! Lol

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    What do you mean by "race finish" on the prop?

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    You can send props out to skat/impros to be balance and race finished. They play with the edges and faces of the prop.

    I had all my race props done by Glen at Skat for my stand up race skis

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    Thinking of going with this catch can. I will plumb a line back into my DIY intake for breather.

    I sometimes bring bags/clothes/shoes etc up front and don't want them to smell like fuel etc. All the other catch cans have a breather that vents in the hull.
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    I wouldnt consider this a build thread if thats all you plan on doing?

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    I have mone jetski 2016 seadoo rxp 300 - the jetski has the intercooler clogged with salt, the throttle body was also stuck and the TPS damaged,

    we replaced with new intercooler and throttle body with tps, whn we crank the engine it turns but doesn't start, if we remove the pipe on the throttle body that comes from the intercooler and crank it several times it starts, no errors are displaced on the ecu.

    Any idea, anyone with same problem? thank you

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