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    VX110 won't start, can't hear fuel pump?

    Here is my current problem with Yamaha VX110 from 2005.

    It cranks but it won't fire, I can't hear fuel pump so I removed injectors rail and there is no fuel when I try to start it, so I removed injectors and there is still no fuel coming.

    Battery is fully charged, fuel tank is full.

    What could be reason why fuel pump doesn't work, is there any way to check if fuel pump is dead?

    Sorry for my bad English, if you can't understand please let me know and I will try to explain better.

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    With a test light check your fuses next check your fuel pump relay and at the fuel pump connection with your test light now connected to the positive side of the battery check your ground wire leading to the fuel pump [ that is the negative side of the fuel pump connection] is grounded. At times you can have a feed [12 volts] but the ground is absent.

    Hope This Was of Help.
    C J
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    What's the history of the ski? Has it been sitting for a long time and you are now trying to fire it up, or did this condition just start?

    If you removed the fuel rail and injectors and are not getting any pressure, then it's your fuel pump. It is common for the pumps to rust out if they have been sitting in ethanol mixed fuel for a long time.


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    I've replaced a number of fuel pumps on pre 2007 yammies in the last year, they seem to be reaching end of lifespan, especially if tanks are left dry

    new is $$$$, aftermarket is a tricky install, but far far cheaper

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    You can pic up a good aftermarket pump fairly cheap. Most will connect right up

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