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    Left over 2018's, 310X & 310X SE

    Have the opportunity of purchasing these left over 2018's from a dealer, at a pretty good deal IMO. From what I have read, there was issues with the 310's (pistons) earlier than 2016? Correct? Also have seen one post on here of issues still with the 2018-19's. Everyone is going to have different opinions and issues of what brand ( manufacturer ). Most of the time, post are only with the problems that occur.
    Is there any good input of these two machines? Thank you!

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    I can tell you this much, if Gina’s ski was stolen, happen to sink to the bottom of a river, lost while crossing the Gulf Stream which her skis has crossed several times both ways successfully. God forbid those things were to happen she would replace it with a new Kawi 310! I have friends with them that had problems almost from jump street to friends never having a single issue. And still to date I have other friends buying them currently. You absolutely right most are quick to post the negatives no matter the brand. I would like to think if the ski is taken care of before & after each ride, serviced, maintenance and maybe a little proactive planning ahead you will absolutely enjoy them for many years to come. Good input, great looking ski one of the best IMO, great features like wake mode, cruise, trim, yet simple, old school stuff like manual lever for forward & reverse, unbeatable storage, great handling, rough water beast, incredible supercharger whistle. Gina now has 350+ hrs on her 16 310R (200-210+ hrs replaced battery & one water line had a ripe) so far it’s been the most reliable ski in our fleet of skis owned throughout the years. Good luck with your purchase. If you don’t mind me asking what area do you live?

    Billy D

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    I’m not an extended warranty sort of person, but if they made you such a great deal on the ski, maybe they’ll make you a great deal on the Kawasaki extended warranty (assuming you’re going to keep it for 5 years). Regardless, always feed it the correct octane gas, do the oil changes on time, and don’t skimp on post-ride maintenance.

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    Just picked them up on Saturday. Heading to storage unit...

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    I sure hope you purchased the longest extended warranty they offer!

    Pistons suck!


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