4 impellers --

#5131366 (2), $100 e
Skat-Trak (part number ??)
looks just like the 5131366. $100
#5132707 (1) $100 (this is for MSX 140)

1 set of Virage footwell pads #2873515, black/white marble color, plus a can of (probably not good) adhesive. Hydro-Turf brand. Super nice and new. $75

1 Virage seat cover, SEW94, it's a beautiful Red/Black 2 tone. Hydro-Turf. New and perfect. 3 pcs, rear seat, main seat, strap cover. $90
Comes with a very HOT Hydro-Turf catalog full of bikini clad girls.

These all came from a fellow Polaris employee who was in the PWC group back in the day.