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    1997 Kawi 1100 STX Oil Pump

    Quick question for a serious matter.

    My husbands dad was working on his Jet Ski to resolve an over heating problem so my hubby and I could use it next week before he ships off to Iraq for another tour. Both of them had to help a friend whose house burned down last week so they are unavailable to help me.

    My neighbor tried to help me this afternoon and removed the oil pump from the Kawi trying to help me solve the overheating problem, but he only removes parts and does not know how to put them back together.

    I am an Arizona gal so know my way around tools and after evaluating the problem it looked simple until I noticed the pump would not align onto the stator cover plate so I could attach it.

    It is dark now but I did notice there is a small 1" metal rod on the oil pump that turns and I am presuming it needs to be aligned into the gap in the flywheel?

    To ensure I got this right, can I presume if the oil pump meets the stator cover and bolts down with no space between the cover and the shaft, that the rod did in fact slide into the Flywheel?

    Come on guys, give the blonde babe a hand...Thank you.


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    Yes, if it lays down flat without forcing it, then it should be aligned.

    You can also stick a finger in the hole or use a mirror to figure out how the slot is positioned, then try to turn the oil pump shaft to match it. Again, it should go all the way on easily.

    Your model year doesn't have a cable on the oil pump, so you don't have to worry about calibrating it. HOWEVER, the most unreliable part of the system is the security of the hoses. Check that they are pliable and attached securely to the pump. If they are stiff, brittle, or cracked you MUST replace them. We can assist you with this.

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    Thank you sooo much Steve.

    Common sensť told me I aligned the pump, but I wanted to confirm. I did use my compact mirror to find the slot so I could drop the rod into the slot.

    One more question. Last nite I read that as a back up to the oil
    pump some people just add a few ounces of oil to the gas tank at each fill

    Our kids enjoy our trips to the River so since my husband will be deployed to Iraq for another 6 months then I should become more informed on keeping the Jet Ski’s functioning.

    Again. thanks for the help.

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    Yes, to be safe you can add extra oil to the gasoline. The correct ratio is about 50:1. The fuel tank holds 14 gallons, so you would need to add about 1 quart to a full tank of fuel.

    Keep in mind that if you do this, it will smoke a lot, and you stand a good chance of fouling the spark plugs if you do much idling. If you run it hard, it won't foul the plugs.

    Extra oil is used during new engine break-in, as well as in making sure the oil system is working properly after service. If you do this, put a mark on the oil tank before riding, then check the level when you're finished. Fill the oil tank back up to the mark, then fill the gas tank up and calculate the ratio of the amount of gas to oil used.

    Did you find a reason for the overheating?

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