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    1996 kawasaki zxi 900

    gage dash does not work ?

    ziltch not one gage works...... any idea what could be the problem....?

    i just bought this low hours zxi 900..... the hull is almost half gone on one side, luckily i am a fiberglass mold maker & to repair this hull with a carbon shoe fit shell is childs play..... for me.

    is there a fuse to the gage dash ?

    thank you.

    new member here ......anyone need some super hull repair, new hulls built cheep ?

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    its not an xts it is a zxi.

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    Could be a connection........

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    i am in the process of going over everything on this 1996.....its in great shape except for the hull...... i`ll have to look at every conector on the craft...... thanks.

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    First thing you do with a zxi is move the oil tank out of the way and remove the top of the electrical box.....guessing it's a mess inside.

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