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    2006 RXP WATER LOGGED :( think I fixed it.

    OK so I went out on our last day of camping and found my baby nose up in the lake... She had water up to the back of the seat. I still do not know how the water got in there... 2 days of riding and she was fine... last morning water... I am guessing one of the drain plugs decided to leak...

    So I pulled my plugs and no water in cylinder.. I was stoked... got over excited... put plugs in and started her right up.... YEA YEA YEA guess what... check you frikn intake dumb ass. Yep you guessed it water through my turbo and into my manifold and yep... into my cylinders... fk me right.. so 4 days of a shop vac to manifold, exhaust (pulled out and checked), intake manifold shop vac'd dry, several new plugs, 5 gallons of oil ( just kept starting and stopping to cycle oil)... I finally took her to the lake today. Kept her on the trailer with seat and cowling off to make sure i had no leaks... Started her up and ran her for 40 minutes.. I did 3 cycles of 5-8k rpms at a steady rate of 1-2 minutes... then let her idle again.. I did get hesitations at high rpms .. like i hit a rev limiter.. I am guessing that was because I had her on the trailer.

    I noticed water was coming out of the exhaust inlet that attaches to the muffler...(this is the silver exhaust that attaches to your header) not a lot just leakage.. Those hose clamps were not tight so I tightened them.. I am guessing the water there is somewhat normal since there is a hose connected to that part of the exhaust that comes from behind the rear nozzle..

    So I brought her home and the oil was spotless... I still changed the oil filter and the oil as well as put new plugs in... (lost one of them stupid rubber grommets that attach to the plug for you plug wire if you know where to get one)

    So is there anything you guys think I missed before I winterize this guy? I have some fogger that will be here tomorrow. But before I fog the intake and the cylinders I want to make sure I did not miss anything to ensure all the water is evaporated.

    going to take her to the lake again tomorrow. May take her for a short spin just to make sure she still likes to go fast.

    I am sure I missed a couple of things... any help or advise is appreciated.


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    Xps anticrossion spray the whole motor compartment before storage especially since it sank. It's safe on everything. May be worth pulling the upper deck and really going crazy to prevent rust over the winter. Just my opinion

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    Pulling the upper deck? Not sure what you mean here sorry? I am going to pull the trim cover and make sure that is dry... just bought this trim motor last one rusted over the winter.. easy fix, but preventable. You know where to find those stupid orange grommets for the spark wire connector?

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