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    1997 Kawi 1100 STX Overheating

    I just read several Threads here regarding overheating AFTER my endeavors to find the problem did now work today. My problem is that as soon as I drop the Kawi in the water it has no power and I get the overheating icon flashing. I have:

    1. Back-washed engine;

    2. Checked the impeller for debris, none;

    3, Blew air through hose going to pump, all clear;

    4. Pulled exhaust pipe extension chamber muffler, blew air through brass fitting;

    5. Removed exhaust pipe elbow,

    6. Removed exhaust manifold, cleaned ports and T fitting.

    Reassembled and took to a nearby lake and engine overheated within minutes just like before. Of course, when the engine overheats, the engine goes into safe mode so can't accelerate.

    When I returned home and found GreenHulk I repeated the above process, but this time, took GH's advice and....

    a. I removed the HEAD cover and when I blew through the engine ports at least a couple tablespoons of wet sand blew out of the ports;

    b. So, I next removed the engine stator cover plate and saw a build up of sand inside, so I cleaned the cover and inside as well as the two brass fittings.

    I was told by an unreliable source that there are a couple bleeding holes behind the cooling cover that let water into the engine, but I see none.

    Before I re-assemble, are there bleeding holes and if so, where? Did I do everything possible to solve the the problem?

    My son wants to use the Kawi's with his family this weekend before he it off again or a six month tour to the Middle East, so I would like to get this Kawi working.
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    Welcome aboard, surfbeat!

    What you see is what you get, no holes in the cover.

    The overheat sensor is a silver cylindrical part that has two hoses going to it. One goes to the pisser on the right front side of the 'Ski, the other goes to the brass fitting on the top of the exhaust manifold. If you don't get flow through that part of the system, you'll get an overheat indication.

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    Ok Tex, this Arizona cowboy needs a little mo' advice. Based upon your response, can I presume that now that I: 1) cleaned the sand out of the area between the stator cover and motor; 2) cleaned the two brass elbows that connect to the stator motor cover: 3) blew air through the hoses, then I have sufficiently cleaned all the requisite parts in that area that can cause overheating?

    Do I disassemble the sensor to look for dirt?

    I blew air through all the water jackets in the exhaust manifold and head, the latter which had a couple tablespoons of wet sand blowing out.

    Air flows through each hose to the pisser and pump.

    Maybe I should just get the horses out of the corral and forget about riding on the water?

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    If it's not actually getting hot then I would unplug the sensor.....maybe it's faulty. Back it in, fire it up, sit there feeling the cylinders and exhaust pipe. Watch for pisser to start flowing, feel the water. If after a bit the overheat alarm goes off and it kicks into limp mode AND everything feels warm but not hot THEN I would suspect a faulty sensor. Also, if under throttle the pisser is weak or spurting lots of air it could be a head gasket issue. And if it only overheats under a throttle load and is cavitating that WILL cause an actual overheat. I've seen clearances so excessive that the cavitation causes a loss of water volume through the cooling syatem.

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    the water temp sensor is mounted underneath the front of the engine access hole under the seat right behind the ignition /glove box compartment.... the water line that runs to the pisser is part of the cooling line circuit it is on. just follow the line up from the elbow exhaust connection. here is a picture of what the sensor fixture looks like.

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