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Thread: PWC fishing

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    PWC fishing

    I am really interested in getting to PWC fishing.
    I'm new to PWC and would appreciate some input.

    About me:
    I live in South Fl., so it will be used strictly in saltwater either open ocean or ICW.
    I am interested in fishing, cruising, and playing around.

    I have a hobie kayak (pro-angler 14) which I haven't been using very much recently, the waterways are busy and boats are not interested in stopping or paying attention sometimes
    I also belong to a boat club, which is great but still kinda of a hassle, bringing things to boat but specifically, not as spontaneous, requires preplanning, reservations etc. also in the summer being in a boat can be intolerably hot.

    Looking for something nice, stable and mostly ready to go. not planning on doing any significant mods. the PWC will likely remain mostly stock.

    The 2 PWC that I find most interesting at this point is the seadoo FishPro and Yamaha's FX HO. I have not really found any comparrisons online

    Concerns: Seadoo, history of not being as most reliable (at least back in the day - hopefully it has changed). Is it underpowered when not being used for fishing? (won't be racing but playing around)
    I do like the size, stability and it's "fishiness" where everything is ready to go.

    The FX HO, was my first choice until the Fishpro. known reliability but requires some mods (fishfinder/ 3rd party- cooler holder/pole holders, etc) and its not optimized for fishing .

    I have not done a seatrial yet. Waiting either for boat show season or slightly used market.

    Anybody with experience on these skis?
    Input would be greatly appreciated.

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    I just bought a FX Cruiser and plan to fish from it. My only concern with the seadoo is that is a purpose built ski. Resale was one of my concerns. The Yamaha I can sell to anyone.

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    I haven't been on either one...

    But, the SeaDoo is specifically designed (ergonomics wise) for fishing. The way the seat is designed so you can "slide" around and the gunwales are tilted to make resting your feet more comfortable.

    Powerwise, it will be more than enough for other activities.

    That, with the built in fishfinder (of course you could always add one to the Yamaha) and the Linq accessories (rod holders on the cooler, etc), the SeaDoo really seems to be the best choice.

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