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    Yamaha gp800r 2003 oil pump block off

    Hey! I知 sure this has been answered plenty of times but what I was wondering is that would it be possible to block the oil lines feeding from the oil tank (the one that feeds from underneath the tank, and the one that splits into a Y shape) to perform the oil pump block? And then just premix my own fuel? Or does the oil pump 100% need to be removed and that plate put in place? Essentially, what I知 asking is that is it possible to leave the pump inside and just block the lines. Would anything happen to the motor if the pump is left inside and just blocking the lines?

    (Also, what is that oil line that comes from underneath the oil tank? Seems a little larger in diameter)

    any help would be appreciated!

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    That larger line is the oil pump supply line. It feeds the pump. Why do you want to replace the oil pump with a block off? The oil pump is super reliable. The lines, however need periodic maintenance. Replace the fees lines to the carbs with 1/8ラ1/4 tygon, use oetiker clamps to cinch down, and the oil system is bulletproof. You run into less problems if you use oil injection won't foul spark plugs. But in the end if you want to delete the answer your question the pump does need to be removed and a block off installed. If the pump remained with no oil feed it may lock up and there have been reports if flywheel bolts being broken when the pump locks up.

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    +1, for what Butterbean said. The pumps are bulletproof. It's the lines to the carbs that are the issue. That's a variable mix ratio pump it's mixing 200/1 at idle up to 32/1 at full throttle. It saves a little on oil over premix. Saves on fouled plugs at idle/low RPM. Just a couple of the pluses to the pump.

    The oil lubricates the pump on the run, so yes it must be removed if not used.

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