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    I know...Lol Monumental Question...

    I already have owned an Ultra 150 Flat bottom 08 Model and for its size I loved it unstable when sitting still I mean I can stick my arm out sideways and she will tip..
    I hit around 63-67 depending on weather...

    I just purchased two more These are brand new a 310 Ultra LX and a new Ultra LX
    I opted for 2019 Models because I save around 2000 a ski and they are still brand new never ridden skis...

    So my really Dumb question is...
    I am a bit disappointed to hear they have rev limiters and all when an old Ultra 250 was hitting around 80 mph. and now they say they are limited at 72 but most say 67 is max speed...
    I would have figured that a Supercharged 310 producing 16.8 or 9 boost would surely be capable of hitting speeds nearing 100

    so short of spending 100,000 and getting sponsored by Kawasaki directly what are my options to increase top end speed and for about how much money...?
    I have seen stage 1 kit for 2000 gs and The dealer stated I could chip program it ...

    So just so I make wise choices and I am into jeeps and Trans Ams, and my old Ultra 150 I came to ask the experts...

    I live in Florida and enjoy rivers from the bays along with the Bays... However I prefer sending it up vertical jumping waves and Hauling ass in open salt water...

    I dont get to ride every weekend or even every month, when I ride I ride almost every day for six weeks then park it a while...

    What would you suggest to at least be one of the fastest on the water from a gen public stand point based on what and how I ride...

    Thanks I know I also run boards for jeeps and old stuff we dont speak about openly now...

    I would like to make mine approach speeds above 80 eventually ...

    Ok Gurus what say You...

    I also would like to add I spotted that 1st gen kit at 2gs and found when it said 3-4 mph Im thinking thats not much for a 2g kit... is that a typo or something...

    I would also like to ask another question...

    When I am on Glass on the 150 model I am able to send the rear out like a dirt track racer since its flat bottomsed with the 310 act more like that or is it now like a wave jammer and gonna dig in so hard ill go flying off instead of sliding it...?
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    Wow, lots to digest there.

    First, an ultra 250 never went 80 unless it was running a vortech supercharger or a big turbo, 9.5:1 or 10.5:1 pistons with big cams and race fuel. Even then, 78-79 was about all it went in closed course trim.

    The 300 and 310 have a speed limiter on them but its easilly removed and will get you up around 73 or so up from 67 stock.

    Realistically on a non built motor you will see 75 maybe a little more.

    To run 100 on a ski you need a hell of a motor, a perfect hull setup, and mirror smooth water. At 100mph if you get tossed you can break your neck, arms, back, collar bones, and much worse.

    I would start by doing some reading before just jumping in head first, I think you have some misconceptions about ski performance and it would do you a lot of good to get your head wrapped around how the mods alter the skis performance.

    On the water, most gains are in the 1/2 mph scale if you are lucky. Run a scom, and some handling mods and be happy with it.


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    If you want 80, trade it in on a Yamaha GP1800 and spend about 2k on go fast stuff, 80 on an Ultra will cost about as much as the ski itself or more and ... The 250s were never 80 mph skis... I threw a bunch of money at one when they first came out... 72 mph was the best I got, 2 motors one super charger and a pump and I was done... They are what they are ... Be happy with 70 mph and hold on because they are very good in the rough and turn like they are on rails...

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    I would re think the 100 mph idea. A few years back, Nicolas Rius (an exceptionally talented Pro Jet Ski Racer) got tossed of a VXR that was going about 95 mph. He was pretty sore after that!

    At those kind of speeds, Chit can happen: the Pump gets water stuffed, intake grate / ride plate comes off . . . Be safe! JB

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    OK, I'm confused. What is a 'flat bottom Ultra 150'? And since 2005 was the last year for the 150, are you asking about the 250?

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    Just put a SCOM on it and enjoy as It's the best rough water PWC you can get.. If you are dead set on only speed and don't care about rough water then do what Aquaholic said and buy the Yamaha.

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    Sorry I have been reading on here quite a bit and forgot to log in to see my replies...
    My website auto logs me in and I just didnt think about it.

    Thanks for all the replies also.

    Ok here is a picture of my Ultra 150
    It may have been an 06 but I mean I bought the dang thing about 6 yrs ago. In PA from a Woman in NY it had 49.5 hrs on it and cooked stock. I removed a cross bar on the grate and adjusted fine tuned whatever what I could on the trim and nozzle and went with it. Drove in lakes wide open I would say the Speed O would say 63-67 ish but GPS was about 2 mph slower I did hit speeds 65-70 with a breeze at my back.

    I may not tweak and race like you all do. However I have raced Motor cycles and built Trans ams as I grew up all my life. I blew up a boat (sounds worse than it was) Sank a 24 footer 1 mile offshore in Pensacola....
    and sank another one, wife said no more boats, so Now I bought Skis. as I mentioned I have owned that one for quite a while...

    I am foggy on the model because I travel all over the country working for the gas company as Chief Inspector and I am never home much-lets say 2 weeks in two yrs, and got divorced too...

    I understand some of the Basics I guess is how I would sum it up in here with you folks.

    The 80 I was referring to was the Yamaha GP1800 I think is the correct model it was before the electronic restrictions I would assume like the one I p[ut pics up just now of.

    I get the 150 I have isnt that beefy a jet ski and they had 250s out at the same time that went slightly faster...if I got close to 80 I would be ok with that.

    Everyone gets wet on a jet ski assuming you can get injured is part of My personality. Luckily I haven't much. But I have hit the water WOT sideways and I dont bounce like I used to...
    However, I live to go as fast as I possibly can. I got a kick outta a video I watched where the guy said They arent using the power with the Kawasaki and I chuckled lol
    I have wrecked and totaled cars boats bikes motor cycles and 4 wheelers oh and a 3 wheeler. The good thing is the water doesnt hurt near as bad as a Tree or a car, as long as I dont hit my head or get chopped up by blades.

    Ill assume the risk I would love to be able to ride in something like the race to catalina and just be WOT for an hr. or less

    Now thats all out of the way. I appreciate everyone's answers questions but please dont assume I know nothing and I am not educated or informed I do some research and I came here for a specific reason.
    I also own and run websites and a forum its just not for jet skis... I knew if I came here I would get the right answers since I can get lost pretty quick until the bigger pieces start filling in where they go...

    I stated what I thought to be true, I may be off a MPH or a yr or two but its as close as I remember.
    I am in Nebraska working My jet ski is in Pensacola at my house I rent out. My girlfriend lives in GA and Im headed to the keys for the holidays on the two new skis I bought.
    I hope I survive. But going WOT doesnt bother me in the least on a jet ski not any I have ridden so far and I hjave been on a couple of other skis as well...
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    Pretty sure mine is the 1200 CC version

    So that makes it a 150 right.
    anyhow I cant just run out and grab the registration but seriously I wedged a rock in last time just as I was headed to dock and I put it on trailer drove it home flushed it fogged it and let her be two yrs ago...

    Now I have these two Im looking into modifying only the Ultra 310 LX
    I will take the advice and grab the Speed controller override Module thing.
    Thanks for that

    I will look into some other smaller mods like the impeller and Airbox stuff as I get going a bit, right now Ill ride for two weeks daily then some a bit here and there a couple tiimes then its shut down until next yr when I get off at this time of yr again.

    I appreciate the help like I mentioned and I look forward to discussing and checking out your skis all at the same time.
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    I enjoy riding rivers lakes Bays and Open Ocean, To be honest mostly I enjoy the Ocean the best a Bay is great for Glass and sideways action on the old 150, but I enjoyed flying through the air as the back end drops verticle and jumping waves. I smacked straight into one felt like I broke every rib at the same so as I mentioned above I "get it" I am not gonna lie and say I will ride these things right on the edge of a single slip and Im in... sometimes I wonder how I didnt fly off others Im cant belive I fell off, No I think I found the right group of folks.

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    If anyone is still talking with me now.
    I would like to ask a question about this ski in particular? Please
    I need someone who has been on both the Ultra 150 and the Ultra 310
    When you are on the 150 2 seater up there when its glass I can be WOT and hit a full well almost full turn and I loose maybe 4-5 mph but the ass end slides out and its just liek the feeling you get dirt track or motor cycle racing like your drifting the rear around and your primary control is the steering wheel I think some of you will catch my drift.
    I would like to know if the 310 will handle the same I like that part probably almost as flying

    I have a wave Jammer also I could stand up on the gunnels on one side and stand up in a light chop and be ok...
    I couldnt lean more towards one side or the other on the 150 without tipping over. I caught a rock in the Delaware river a couple yrs ago, when I learned always head up stream first, so if you run into any problem you can float anyhow I was laying with my back on the seat and had to use quite a bit of balance to paddle with my arms like doing the backstroke and I flipped off three or four times in a short distance thats the only issue I had with the 150 so topsy but I like the glass and sliding sideways. The Yamaha if you snatched the handle bars sideways it was like the ski dug in you fly off and it turns out from under you.

    The 150 just like hitting a curve on a dirt road just drift right into the groove.

    anyhow so that would be nice to know.
    Just so I have some kinda idea...

    I will get them from dealership in Orlando in 29 days...

    Thanks again and Ill be around reading and asking more dumb questions ...
    Nice to meet ya.

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