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    Quote Originally Posted by steve45 View Post
    The trim position dramatically affects handling. I don't know what effect removing the center bar from the grate would have.
    Helps keep the pump fed in rough water and when you pick up rpms...

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    On the 300/310 this bar removal is not needed. For a good intake grate (aftermarket) get a hold of Jamie at Brisbane Kawasaki. His is the best one available. The R&D grate was not even as good as the stocker, IMO.
    A SCOM or an ECU flashed from Brisbane is the best speed mod. You need to do a cooling water modification as well if you are going to up RPMs.
    The STX is a much closer handling ski to the Ultra 150. More so than the 250-310.
    As with any ski - mods can cause some issues with reliability. Mild ones don't do this too badly and that is why many like the SCOM. The 300/310 is the best rough or open water platform for sure. The Yamaha's are fast but you need to be in some good shape (they make you work) and a good rider (sketchy on rough water at speed) to really do well in the 2.5+ water.
    I prefer the Kawasaki.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquaholic6801 View Post
    Helps keep the pump fed in rough water and when you pick up rpms...
    Yes, but what effect does it have on handling?

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    I usually cut throttle and kill engine well before I suck sand and I push out when I leave I havent seen any damage due to parking on the beach in 5 yrs so far... but I do appreciate the advice I have wiped out I also have gone bow first into a sizable wave and ho9nestly my flying and bouncing off the water has nothing compared to hitting a wave head into and the ski slices through like a knife in hot butter until the way caught me in the chest took the wind out of me and took me right off the ski... lets just say I only did that once I am a fast learner...felt like I broke about eight ribs for a bit but I was fine and shook it off that time...

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    I actually adjusted the cable for the trim manually up a long time cool I got something right for a change

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