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    For some reason I was thinking its all electronic for the most part and surely they dont do to the engines in Ninjas the same they do to boat engines. So what stops someone from buying one when the engine blows replacing it with a street bike engine that hasnt been restricted to hell and back?

    Thats a newbie question?

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    My 150 looks like an 04 model who knows...

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    Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone...
    Only reason Im up Im stuck in Motel and everything will be closed and I cant exactly be home in two hours
    Enjoy your family day folks.

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    There is no comparrison of the handling of the Ultra 150 and the 310. The 150 is a light, quick, nimble machine that a blast to ride but it can bite you hard at speed if you catch a cross wave. (its a known habbit of them with the stock sponson setup) It was fixed by either Beach house sponsons or a Shredmaster ride plate. (with the sponsons it a differnet animal and can pull some impressive corners.

    The 310, its a "big water" machine, one of the best, if not the best for open water big swell riding. Totally the opposite of the 150. Turning is much more layed back due to the "deep V" hull.
    The 310 is a powerful machine, and as i said no Ultra 150 DNA in it at all.

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    i have owned 2 150's, 1 250, 1 300, and 3 310's. absolutely zero comparison of the 150 to the 310 except that they were both made by kawasaki and they were jet skis...

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    If you want to have more fun with the Ultra 150, modify the trim to give more UP. I've never heard of anyone being able to spin an Ultra 150 at full speed and stay on. It will hurt you.

    All stock PWCs are limited to 67 MPH. This is a Coast Guard 'request' that was imposed when the 150 came out. The USCG threatened to make it a law if manufacturers didn't limit speed voluntarily.

    Don't beach your 'Ski. Anchor it in shallow water to protect the hull and keep trash out of the pump.

    Lots of things you need to do to the 150, starting with upgrading the oil lines to polyurethane hose. Also, look into the Triple Pisser Mod. An electric bilge pump is a really good idea. Probably time to replace the engine mounts and the driveshaft bearing holder, too.

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    even in fresh water Ultra 150 carbs will oxidize, corrode, paint will flake and turn to shit.. best keep them sprayed with some crc, fluid film, something like that at all times.

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    I cant figure out how to hit Like on your post ...
    First and Foremost Thanks to everyone who has replied I do appreciate it...
    Ok while On Glass I can do what I was talking about say the ski runs 65 (150) if its glass I can put one foot on side by the gunnel I think its called
    My right foot on the side of the right gunnel and slowly start to turn left and it will slide the ass end around and like I said its like drifting on a dirt track, and I loose a couple miles an hour but I can do a Giant circle and the ski is in effect sliding almost sideways as I go...and stay WOT if you folks dount that in a yr or so I will get back to my house and I will get it out when there is glass Ill have someone film me...I can do it all day long no problem ...

    I did hit a wave and got sent flying about 30 feet moving about 50-55 and it was a
    Boat behind me said it looked cool as I came off the back of one wave to jump headed in to beach I saw the water kinda go four directions like two waves merging ror something and as I went airborne I saw the ski twist out from under me basically on its side and I was gonna eat it was not a question im in the air, sho as I was going up I kicked myself away from the ski as I am leaving I see the boat behind me and I give them a thumbs up then eat it big time...
    The ski dies of course a ways from me I pop up I just didnt want to hit the ski when I came crashing back down...I wasnt trying to be all cool or all that, the driver pulls up and offers me help I said naw Im cool its what I own a jet ski for he said well now I see your ok it did look cool as shit..he laughed I said I got it swam another 20 feet or so to ski hoped on and took off after waving they made sure it started and then they took off too...Im no bad ass I just made it look good even though I screwed up to become separated from the ski to begin with...and in now way do I think Im a bad ass jet skier...just to be clear...most times Im just cutting up ansd Im on the fringe between losing control and dumping my ass and making it look like aim a pro....which im

    And you folks all know tons more than me so I am humble I just love speed and cutting up and yea...

    I can be running fast and cut it and spin it around no problem...
    I also know the sucker will tip over if I jut hold an arm fully extended lol

    Ok thats the 150 ...

    Now when I had my Wave jammer for instance if I tried to cut it to spin Ithe ski would turn left I would fly off it dug in so hard and quick I would fly off...

    I didnt enjoy glass as much riding on it...

    Ok so my question for the Ultra 310 model and I am now assuming the 160 I bought also that those will dig in more like the Yamaha did and if I tried to cut to throw the ass end out like drifting I bet its not happening...
    Thats ok I can play on the 150 if thats what Im after ... I wondered this.

    If you stood up and got on one side of the 150 flip before you even make it over the seat with your leg...hahahah
    The wave jammer I could stand on the left or right side in the gunnel and the ski leaned but didnt flip over or take water over the edge well you know within is flat glass none a wave is a

    So I wondered if anyone has tried on smooth water not running to just put both feet on the left side or right side and did it stay stable or flip over...

    Now Im thinking you guys kinda said its nothing like the 150 so maybe I should stop using it as a
    I get its one of the best open water skis thats a main reason I liked it plus I like Kaws... I get its the most stable so Im gonna assume it doesn't tip hardly at all...

    Ok thats cool
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    I wish you all happy Holidays and Im headed to the keys for two weeks over holidays and Ill snap some pics... Thanks again

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    The trim position dramatically affects handling. I don't know what effect removing the center bar from the grate would have.

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