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    250x least reliable ski i have ever owned

    now that the dealer has looked at it, they will not work on it anymore unless i pay them so i called kawi again and they finally contacted the dealer and will try to replace 1 part a week until they find the problem. i have the worst dealer on the east coast by far!!!! to keep a long story short i have never had so many things go wrong on a ski, even the ones that i have had for 5 years or more. this ski is one problem after another, before i can fix one problem another pops up. the skii is unsafe to ride b/c it cuts off randomly, usually at full speed, but that is not a danger anymore b/c at full rpm and full boost my ski now only goes 45mph!!!!!! THANK YOU KAWI DEALER!!!!!!!!!!! hell the dealer even suggested that i take kawi to court. i am considering it now. this is the 2nd kawi i have purchased both have had problems from the begining. this is the last kawi ski i will ever buy. why can't i just get one that works? is that too much to ask for $12,000?

    sorry just pissed off b/c i can't figure it out, the dealer doesn't give a damn, and the most knowledgable pwc techs i know are to busy to even talk to me about it. kawi owes me a summer!!!!! and a race season!!!!!!!!

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    what kind of problems have you had? what have they done so far?

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    does the lemon law apply?

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    Dont get mad, but it almost sounds as though your running with the SLO key in. Man that sux. I would be mad too if its running at 45 max. I have 2 kawi 250's and both perform as expected. I haven had any problems so far with either one, including hoses poping off, seems to be the most common problem. Sorry to hear you are having these problems. My only gripe so far is they suck gas like their is no tomorow. Stupid things to check. Hoses poping off, slo key in, 87 octane gas.

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    The problems have really been few. The ones I have heard about were --spark plug wires--loose exhaust hose clamps causing water to fill the hull--cavitation caused by too much greese in the pump shoe area--paint peeling--gas tank fuel pick up issues---poor fuel economy---engine stops running--engine not turning advertised RPMs---thats all I have heard about.

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    you need to go to a different dealer . one dealer can be a bunch of dim wits and another can have knowledgeable mechanics

    if i were you i would do some research and find a kawi dealer who is known for their service dept

    if YOUR kawi dealer sucks so bad why even deal with them anymore ?


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    Or tell us what your experiencing and maybe we'll have some insight.
    This is the first I've read about you having issues.

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    Looks like you got a "Built on Monday" ski. Sorry to hear about your misfortunes.

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    He for sure has a bad wire connection. I have personally met him at the races. He helped me all night untill I got my boat pretty much rebiult.

    We went through every possible cause and nothing helped.

    I believe if Kawi is going to do something they should start with the wiring harness first. In fact damand it.
    Then the ECU.

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    Need to make sure the recall was done before the ski was released,before they sent the 250 out for the public to buy, there was a problem with the plug wires, I rode mine for the first time with out the recall being done, as they got it early for the boat show, I would have the dealer check it out.

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