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    RXP 260 Valve failure reason. Trying to understand.

    Just bought 2012 RXP-X 260 with damaged engine.
    Stripped it down and found 2 valves head broke and damage a piston.
    I didnt see i=anything strange but a month ago I had a rxt 215 2005 with the same issue.

    Is there any particular reason why that happends?

    Just trying to understand it and fix the issue while rebuilding it.

    Any idea will be appreciated.
    here are few pics of it for learning purposes.

    Correct me if Im wrong but sand in exhaust is from towing it, isint it?

    Kind regards J
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    that engine was under water it looks like. Check the casting numbers, it may be an older engine someone put in that ski. The older engines had sodium filled valves that liked to snap off.

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    Ill check it tomorrow. I didnt make a pics of the label.
    But I thinh its original engine.
    Carbon bearing does not look good and just thinking now its gets water in a hull and might drown. Its salt water use and few bits and pieces are corroded. (starter relay, maybe more).
    But it does not explain engine failure. That size of damage had to be done on high revs.

    The one I was working on before, the RXP 215 gets damaged when was riding slow, close to slipway. and the damage was way way less.

    so still a bit mistery for me.

    ill search forum for info about materials upgrade.
    I heard the block was plasma treated from 2012. is that right?

    cheers J

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    that has to be the ugliest head I have ever seen on a running motor
    looks like the valves are rusted shut
    I cant believe it even ran
    defiantly low speed destruction... wfo and the piston would be in pieces
    sand in the exhaust is from running motor in too shallow water
    or very sandy surf

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    Valve failure reason? I sould suspect neglect!

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    Any idea how long that engine sat between the failure and your disassembly?

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    I had disassembly entire engine now.
    Jetski has 75 hours. But the engine was worked on previously. Bottom end plugs were nearly damaged. So someone who was working on it didnt even have a propper tools. So I can suspect that was not professional repair.

    Crankshaft is ok. Main bearings have a marks but i think it was done on last few revs when engine got damaged.

    Middle cylinder has a 3cm crack.

    Oil pumps and supercharger are grand.

    Engine plate shows its manufactured in 01/ 2013.

    I need to think whats better: get the cylinder lining or find a whole block.

    Its very hard to find it in europe which is not from 05 year. I would preffer to get one from 12 onward.

    Any experience with fixing the block in here?

    Cheers j

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