Hey guys. I'm finally to the point of engine building on my dream XP project. It's been 8 years coming. Here is the list of goodies going in there:
42mm Novi carbs (look stock, but are bored with NOVI bombsights and no choke plates)
port-matched OE rotary valve cover
Spec1 Factory Pipe
PSI Adjustable dome head (as well as a good stock head)
MSD Water Injection
97 SPX water box
MSD ignition control
1mm bored cylinders running weight-matched ProX (ART) pistons
R&D Power Plenum Flame Arrestor

I'm not sure how to go about breaking in and tuning this thing. I am afraid of running this thing lean and burning up the pistons on break-in. I am not too sure about this PSI head, so I was thinking of experimenting with it later, after I have the motor broken in. Initially, I was going to just install the stock head and stock ignition, and maybe even leave off the water injection. Break it in, then install the other goodies. The carbs come with 162.5 mains and 77 pilots with a silver spring and 1.5 seats. What should my pop-off be? I'm not sure if this spring is OE (probably is). How many turns out should my screws be? I plan on not running the water regulator, but instead hard-jetting it with a 150 main jet. Should I use the front or rear of my Factory Pipe?

I'll definitely be using premium gas and Klots PWC oil for assembly and break-in. Once I break in, I'll switch to Amsoil Interceptor. I clearanced the RAVE valves and chamfered all the ports on the cylinders. Some were downright NASTY. I did not raise the exhaust ports as I was recommended. I was a bit nervous to do it.

This is my first time delving into such big mods. All hints greatly appreciated.