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    19 fxho check engine light yds1

    I thought I would share this

    I recently bought a 19 vxr
    when I was picking it up they started it with the strap attached
    they went and got a couple of guys and were explaining the problem I wasn’t paying attention
    they made the light go off - The guy said it will go off anytime the reverse bucket has a strap on it and once you take it off it will reset itself

    I just picked up a 19 Fxho
    Sounds a lot better then why the vxr with the same motor -I guess different hull waterbox
    I started it with the strap on it
    made my check engine light came on

    I searched the net trying to find a fix
    I even tried taking the battery off
    I went back to the dealership and was asking them and they said that had to be reprogrammed. I was bummed
    I was reading in the manual and I disconnected the reverse bucket and started it up and the light turned off
    I waited a while after I put it back together
    no more light
    Just wanted to share this to see if I can help somebody out
    sorry if this is already known knowledge

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    On my Yamaha GP1800 the dash warning will self reset after the second engine stop and restart. I think this is common on the recent generation Yamaha 4-stroke watercraft engines.

    Problem happens and Warning appears.
    Stop engine.
    * Investigate and correct the problem cause.
    Start engine. Warning immediately appears again.
    Stop engine.
    Start engine. Warning gone.

    * Obviously the actual cause of the problem must be corrected before restarting the engine. In the case of an engine HOT warning (for example) let the engine cool off. Then restart it. Twice.

    I suggest you use a different method for strapping the hull to the trailer so the reverse bucket movement is not impeded by any straps.

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