I have an 18 RXP 300. I have a coolant leak that is leaking to the outside due to a weeping head gasket. The engine runs fine, no changes. The leak is very slow and does not appear to pressurize the water jacket. The oil analysis showed no water or coolant in the oil.

I had noticed that my engine appeared to be producing oil as the level was moving up the stick slowly. I was suspecting fuel blow by and sure enough the reading was 2.3%. This oil had 28 hours on it. I change my oil every 25 hours or so and I would not recommend anyone running 100 hours as suggested by BRP. If the fuel contamination is linear, you would be putting your lubrication at risk.

We all know that the 300 with its plasma coated cylinders creates more blow by into the crankcase due to poor sealing, but with that air is fuel that can be an issue. I noticed the oil in my catch can was crazy thin, now I know why.

Are there any 260 engine owners out there that have performed oil analyses that show the fuel contamination levels? It would be interesting to compare the iron liners vs plasma.