What are the symptoms of a failing ignition pickup coil? The ski runs good for about 30 seconds, then starts to chug down progressively until it cant throttle up anymore, but it will always idle. If i let it rest for 30 seconds, it will run good again for about 30 seconds. I originally thought rectifier, so i ran an external bypass rectifier from a 4Tec model and no change. When i unplug the front spark plug wire and run only on the rear cyl it is able to run and i can hold the throttle open and get about 10mph and it doesnt die, but when i remove the rear spark wire and run only on the front cylinder it chokes and dies. With that info i replaced the front ignition coil, but still no change... So now im onto the pickup coil in the stator housing. Im thinking maybe there are shavings from the bendix that have gotten on the stator and the pickup coil is unable to read properly? Stator tests good at 0.6 ohms and fully open when tested to ground. Again i want to mention that it runs good for a short sprint after letting it rest for a few seconds. Compression is always 125-127 with no loss after 4 attempted trips to the lake for test drives. Carbs rebuilt twice, first time was just a cleaning everywhere, 2nd time with all new diaphragms and needle & seats. My other thought was maybe a failing fuel pump, either the diaphragm or check valves, or maybe i installed the fuel pump clear film and rubber diaphragm incorrect order? i cant remember if it was the clear first, then the rubber or vice versa.. So that is where im at now, id appreciate any help or suggestions from anyone

01 RX 951 carb