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    Suspect DESS post issue, need a kind person to measure resistance values

    Hi folks,
    Thanks for having me (I've just joined)!

    I wonder if a kind person might be good enough to assist. I suspect that the DESS post on my 2002 Seadoo 951di may be faulty.

    If so, I would need to buy one obviously. Before I do, could someone possibly measure the resistance between the white wire and the black wire (not black and black/yellow!) on the post plug, using a multimeter, with and without a lanyard fitted to the post?
    It will help me determine for sure whether the issue is the post or the lanyard, or worse!

    FYI, it's a 3 wire DESS post.

    I didn't pay a lot for the ski & might find more faults yet, so I'm reluctant to start spending lots only to find something else major wrong with it!

    Any feedback would be very welcome.

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    before you even get started here, you are aware of I trust that without a code scanner like a candoo, trying to fix ANYTHING on a DI will be a wallet flattening expedition that makes OakIsland look like a trip to the hardware store

    your request here for ohmage will provide nothing of use. clean the post with a scotchbrite pad and inspect the inside of the key for damage, then also clean it up with a clean shop rag

    either the ski wakes up and beeps when you put the key on or it doesn't

    inside the post there is a magnetic reed switch that closes when you put the key on ( assuming it's working) that triggers the MPEM to read the chip in the key that provides a digital key #. if that number matches one programmed into the mpem, then you get two beeps indicating the ignition has been unlocked and you can start the engine.

    posts have a life span of around 5-7 years typically.

    if you got the DI on the cheap, there will be plenty wrong with it, that's almost a guarantee, especially if it has over 150 hours on it

    I'm sure you've off reading other DI threads at the moment, if not you should be

    your first stop should be the fuse box, meter every fuse to make sure they are all good. jump the solenoid to take a compression test if it's 125+ and nearly even on both jugs, then proceeed to dealing with the key issue

    and by the way...welcome aboard!

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