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    Electrical problem parts on with key off

    Iíve got a 2004 gtx sc I just purchased. It definitely came from the beach itís got a lot of corrosion in it and Iíve found some connections with corrosion in them. Problem Iím having is with the key out fuel pump will still turn on/off and so does the topps valve and some other components as well.

    What ive checked so far the ecu, mpem and DESS post. All are good checked with known working parts.
    I plan on checking and cleaning all connections today.

    Is there anything else Iím missing or I should go through and inspect??

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    Also the guy I purchased it from told me he thought it had a bad stator/charging issue cause it would die on him sometimes out in the water.

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    This has happened to me with three different skis. All 3 times were different solutions.

    1= ecu was toast
    2= connector at mpem had oxidation
    3= grounds in front of block were oxidized

    First one I tested with known good ecu and problem was cured. I did still clean all connectors and the grounds I could, but only ecu change fixed it.

    Second and third were fixed with sand paper and wire brush. Ohhh some small dabs of dielectric grease.

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    Lol yea I’ve been going by a couple of your responses that you left on a couple of other post. Hopefully I’ll have this thing figured out in the next couple of days.
    Thanks for the help!

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