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    Flywheel Bolt Removal

    The stater went out on our 05 Challenger. I decided to do the replacement in the boat. Upon cover removal it seemed as if a few of the flywheel bolts had backed themselves out nicking one small piece of the copper which was stuck to the flywheel cup. Since its an 05, I wanted to swap out the new bolts anyways while I was in there. One bolt ended up shearing on removal. I attempted to easy out, but upon drilling the bolt it came loose. The issue with this is, right behind the hole was the timing chain guide. The piece was the perfect size to get stuck in the guide. I tried for a few hours to get the broken bolt to come back out through the hole as the easy out will catch, but it just will not start to thread out. Can anyone offer a good suggestion to getting this piece out of the guide? I took a quick capture of the manual to help give an idea on location.
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    You need to lock the crankshaft with an special Tool and then just take the old ones out, clean everything and the new Bolts will come with instructions how to tighten them. very easy

    I dont know if you can remove this Piece from the crankshaft maybe with an Puller Tool, but i dont know for sure....did you check the parts Number if this is an single piece on the crankshaft ? when yes you can remove...

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    I should have locked in in place before drilling, but it appears the crank is a single piece. The small broken piece of the bolt is now stuck in one of the openings of the timing guide. I'm just looking for the best way to get to it without doing work that wouldn't be needed.

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    Can you get a magnet in there to catch the broken piece

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    Wow. I thought I was the only one who had these sort of problems. I know this is not what you want to hear but...

    Pull that baby and disassemble it. Unless u can get that piece to thread back in and come back out the front, i don't really see another way to do it without damaging the guide or gear. Only way guide comes out is if crank is moved out of the way.

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    No short cuts now. Next time, use a reverse drill bit.


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