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Correct, the o-rings, part #2's. Yet I really can't say if a leak there would wick over to the anode area or not.

The plastic part nearest the anode . . . are you speaking of the crank case oil separator? This is an easy part to remove/inspect if you can access it. It does flow some oil, but not any high pressures. Simply a gravity-drain system from the reduction gear housing bearing and the vent tube to the air box for crank case vapors. Under engine load, there would certainly be more piston ring blow-by, thus more crank case gases to evacuate, which if not doing its job correctly (or plastic cracked) could leak oil. Worth a look in my opinion..
Yup part #24. There has never been any oil on it nor any dye.....BUT I'm wondering if maybe that seam.....I dunno I've always just felt that part was suspect. Either one of the hoses there, or clamps. I hate just tossing parts at stuff, which is why I was hoping the dye would point me in a direction. Just these motors are so compact with stuff there's really not a place to get any good look of where oil may be coming from.