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    2007 fxho $1500 120 hours, should I buy it?

    A guy locally is selling an fxho with 120 hours but wonít start, he doesnít know whatís wrong with it, has new starter, no hull damage, say hasnít ran since June, is this a good buy if so, what should I look out for. Thanks

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    Seems to be common on these. It has a new starter because the rod that came out of the block busted the old one.
    See my thread here...

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    Compression test..........

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    If you're not ready for the worst, like a new motor, don't bother. It's very rare to find a dirt cheap ski that only needs a minor repair to get it running.

    Also, even if you can figure out why it won't start, it's a gamble. There's no way of knowing what else is wrong until you get it running.

    Over the summer, I walked away from a cheap Kawi 12F on a trailer. The owner wanted to keep it but couldn't get a mechanic to work on it, so I offered to help get it running. It became a money pit and still doesn't run right. I'm glad I didn't buy it.

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    that "couldn't get a mechanic to work on it" is a sure ticket to oak island. Wise move passing on it.

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