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    1994 sl750 runs full speed does not respond to throttle

    1994 Polaris sl750 has been sitting for a year. I can get the waverunner to start but it seems to be running at full speed. If I choke the engine it stops.
    I have sparyed Card cleaner into each carb in a hope that a carb was sticking. No difference.
    I can see the carbs opening and closing with the throttle.
    Not sure what to check next without removing the carberators.

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    You're running lean.

    Most likely a lack of fuel from clogged jet or fuel line.

    Other possible cause is an air leak.

    Using the choke to make it better proves more fuel (or less air in this case) is needed.

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    If after removing the spark plugs caps, the engine still run, then you have an air leak.

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    Xlint89 is correct. Mine did the same thing (actually, it was my buddies at the time) - triple carb blue engine

    I went through the uncomfortable task of pulling the rack, then opened up the carbs and properly cleaned them. Probably a good idea to order the rebuild kits if these haven't been pulled in a while, especially if you have ethanol in the fuel by you. It's been a decade since I was inside those carbs and I haven't had to go in since, so my memory is foggy, but I believe the rebuild kits include new diaphragms and gaskets, which at least for me, go to $h!+ Whenever I don have a fresh set at the ready.

    Best of luck!

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