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    Smile 787 carb settings

    So I picked up a few parts yesterday super cheap so couldn't complain. How ever no sure where to go with the carb settings . The carbs are set to stock right now.

    Stock carb settings.
    160psi PTO and mag

    Adding the following.
    R&D exhaust pipe.
    R&D flame arrestors short stack
    TDR waterbox
    R&D nozzles.
    Current impeller is a skat swirl 17-22. But I got a Nujet on the shelf.

    I'm at sea level to maybe 90ft. Normally only run pump 93. Mostly wave jump but occasionally run some distance but 30-50% throttle not wot all the time lol.

    Just looking for a place to start for carb jets and settings. Probally going to have to order some jets

    Thanks Tyler

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    try a 145 pto side an 140 mag. 75 pilot

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