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    05 VX 110 in rough shape, at an auction, worth it?

    There's an auction coming up, they have a 2005 VX 110 Deluxe there. It's in the country, and it's in rough cosmetic shape. I could potentially pick it up extremely cheap.

    I've been on a 110hp Yamaha 4 stroke and it's a complete dog compared to what I'm used to. Is there some low hanging, cheap fruit for perking up a VX 110 that's not going to break the bank? I heard just adding FX HO throttle bodies can make a huge difference and they're pretty cheap.

    Ski is in rough shape, hard to tell if the previous owners took care of it well but looking at it there's very little chance.

    Assuming the worst case and it was only worth parting out, how much is it worth? Comes with a double trailer.

    Looking for something to tube, ski, wakeboard/wakeskate behind. Never had a 4 stroke ski before so all of this is new to me.

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    Remove air filter. Good spark plugs. Make sure the pump is tight with a good wear ring and impeller. That's basically all you can do for a vx110. You can not put fxho throttle bodies on and run the stock computer. A vx110 is semi fly by wire. Cable tps. Throttle body is electronic.

    Vx110s pay the mortgage on the rental business and let morons not die when they rent skis. They are lake cockroaches, and last as such. It will do the things you ask slowly, while not requiring a lot of love or gasoline doing it. Plugs once a year, regular oil and filter changes and ethanol free fuel and it's as reliable as a hammer.

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    Don't bother putting any money into the ski for performance reasons. I had a VX, is it slow? Yes was it fun? Yes. They are good solid reliable skis. An 05 in rough shape is worth $500 at least to me. Its a gamble.

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