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    Water in intake

    Came out this morning from my son running one of our 2014 SVHO’s yesterday and it was half sunk. Instead of towing it straight to the ramp and draining it, I figured I’d start it and let the onboard pump, pump it out. Wrong move! It hydro locked. Towed it to the trailer and pulled it out. Pulled the plugs and took the injector wires off. Turned it over and the back 2 cylinders shot water out. Attempted to get everything out I could, put it back together, tried to turn it over and it hydro locked again. Took plugs out and it shot water out the plug holes again. Took air filter out and it was water logged. Pulled supercharger intake tube off and it had water by the impeller.

    Whats the the best way to get all residual water out of the intake system...pull the entire intake system off and clean it out?

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    Do you know why it sank? Shop vac as much water out as you, can is oil clean?

    You may need to pull the J pipe off and dry it and intercooler if you have an intercooler full of water.........

    with J pipe off (awkward to get off) I would spin motor motor over until dry and fog cylinders with oil as you valves if not bent are rusting already......hold throttle in while cranking to cut fuel, once all 4 cylinder are dry fit new plugs (dry coil packs) and hope it starts....

    a compression test test before starting might be a good idea as if no or low compression then damage already done to motor.......

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    He ran it for a few hours yesterday no issues and then we ran down the lake for dinner for a couple of hours while it sat. All was good when we got back. Went down to check on it and the boat this morning and it was half submerged. The drain plugs were open. No way it was like that yesterday with all the running and sitting it did. It would have been submerged last night. I hope someone didn’t open them up as he did tie it up across the cove which would have kept folks from getting back in there.

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    So someone opened the plugs while it was sitting?

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