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    Honda Aquatrax won't shut off

    My 2003 Honda FX runs great but the last time I ran it, I went to shut it off once on the trailer and it would not shut off. Only after a few minutes it shut off by itself. What gives?

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    What happens when you try to restart it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NitroShark View Post
    What happens when you try to restart it?
    I havent restarted it. Im afraid it wont shut off if I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aliciafx View Post
    I haven’t restarted it. I’m afraid it won’t shut off if I do.
    Have it hooked to the water hose ready to turn on.

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    Might be the contacts in the stop button. Pull it off and see if you can get to them. If so, clean by sanding with 2000 wet dry paper and apply some dielectric grease on reassembly.

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