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    how to know if bad bearing on pump or bad wear ring. how to replace and cheapest par

    My 2010 fzs jetski vibrates on idle and sounds like the impeller its rubbing or touching the wear ring . How do i know if the problem is a bad bearing or bad wear ring or whatever?? Also how to replace them and cheapest place to buy parts.

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    Best way is to just pull the pump, and examine it on the bench. It should have no slop or play and turn freely without "feeling" any grinding sensations as you hand-turn it back-n-forth.

    That said, the entire drive line should be inspected. Potential candidates are :

    * Debris - a small stick or bottle-cap can surprisingly cause a massive vibration.
    * Mid-shaft bearing housing - these tend to rot, leak, and wear out.
    * Mid-shaft coupler alignment - just a few mm off, and a bad vibration can be injected. Engine mount shims or broken mounts.
    * Wear ring blisters - they can form on the back-side of the stainless impeller housing ring thus pushing it into the path of the blades.

    Get a service manual, as the inspection threasholds are listed for all the above.

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