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    Pro 785

    Hi Guys,

    I have found a Pro 785 for sale it is 1998 and only has 19 hours on it due to it being stored for most of its life.

    I have only seen pictures of it as I live on an Island off the coast of England before I make the strip over I wanted your opinion on it.

    Are they reliable?
    Are they as fast as they are made out to be?
    And can you still get bits for them?

    I also ride a Pro 1200 can anyone suggest where I buy tuning parts for this ski, I was thinking of triple pipes,Carbs.ect



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    I buy all my parts from Randy at watcon, and he has never let me down.

    But Triple pipe as I have read seem very unreliable.

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    Here are some write up on the 785. Parts are not a problem to get.

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    I've had good luck with all the Pro 785s I've owned. Well, most. I currently have a stock 97 and a limited 98. Both run great. I had a stock 99 and limited 2000. The stock 99 ran flawlessly through 3 full seasons of racing. The limiited 2000 was another story, but it was our own fault. Our tuner had us running 200lbs of compression, which is way too much for these engines to last.

    Keep it mostly stock and you should be fine.

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