New to this community after years of trolling on here for my ski fix solutions.
I have 1996 1100 Zxi I have enjoyed for a few years with no major hiccups, beside re-doing all the electrical.
So I fired her up early this summer to get it ready for the season, and it ran fine then I noticed it started to backfire.
Dug into the problem and began to look into the stater, CDI, and coils for any issues, but readings came back within specs.
Compression test on all 3 cylinders read (45,40,45)lb, which I immediately swapped the gauge and re-ran test with same results.
Pulled engine out, stripped the top end and found no signs of damage to cylinder walls, pistons, rings, and head beyond normal wear and charring. The previous owner had done some work to the engine and all the gaskets were worn pretty bad or home made for the intake area with a lot of silicone use. So I cleaned the engine, installed OEM rings, gaskets, torqued to spec, cleaned carbs and adjusted settings to spec, and installed back in ski nice and pretty. fired her up again and no back firing! I felt accomplished, but noticed the engine sounded weak still so I ran for while, then turned off and checked the compression (60, 55, 55)! Placed it in the water to load the engine and no power. The engine will not rev beyond 3500RPMs before it shuts off again, so I pulled it out of the water fired up after multiple tries and it backfired at low RPMs but will advance gradually 5000RPM or so with no backfire. But feels weak. I am at a lost as to what could be causeing compression loss in all 3 cylinders. The reed valves were still good and no leaks there, checked all the lines no leaks, I will add that fuel was left in the tank from a previous season which I topped off with more premix. Could the old premix cause this to happen? Also noticed recently that the fuel cap is broken (ordered a new one), could that cause any issues in loss of compressing? I don't think so, but at this point I am out of ideas for the possible cause to my issue. If anyone on here has experienced this in their Kawasaki 900/1100's and found a fix, I am definitely interested in hearing you out before I dump more time and money into this. Thanks!