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    Intercooler "leak" mystery continues...see videos

    here is the video of the all the water in the intercooler
    2 full cups of water in it every time i come home after a ride (i took intercooler out and emptied it twice and measured the water)

    i cant find any leak. been to 2 dealers who couldnt find a leak. and i leak tested it myself up to 130psi - not a single bubble came up

    and no water coming out of the supercharger outlet

    1st dealer says it is condensation.
    this is for a flyboard application, where the water pressure through the intercooler is probably higher than for a jetski application.
    its just hard to believe that much condensation is possible


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    My F1000 pushed out about a liter of condensation after a few days riding.. I now blow it off before each ride, there is always condensation to be found.

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    Definitly condensate. With a flyboard you are only running at part throttle and rarely in boost. You are in a humid climate and will absolutely get condensate build-up in IC with flyboard.

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    If the water is cool and the air hot and humid a ton of condensation builds up very quickly, if your staying out of boost. I notice at the beginning of the season when the water is still cool that if I ride for 20-30 minutes in eco it will build up a lot of condensation and drink it when first going back in boost.

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