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    Svho timing chain tensioner

    Hi guys just after advice on the chain tensioner setting up on the svho engine, I found a manual online about resetting the tensioner which I have done but then it dosent say anymore than to install it and torque it, what is the procedure to pop it out once itís intalled?

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    With the valve cover off, reach in there with a long screwdriver or a stick and just tap or bump the plastic guide which rests against the tensioner, this will release the tensioner and will apply pressure to the chain guide.

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    You have to twist it if I remember right while pushing it in, then it locks with the little clip. Once in all you do is tap the outside or inside and it will pop out against the guide.

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    What year is your ski? IDT you have to do this on anything 2016 and up

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    They will normally pop back out as soon as you put it back in

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    As soon as the motor is rolled over it will pop back out.

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    I managed to get it pushed back in, kind of fiddly but you do have to twist as you push it in, it took a few goes before I could get the little clip to grab it. The new gasket arrived yesterday so I can get it all put back in and released at the weekend.

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